My Talented Sister + A New Portrait

I love this girl:

I also love this girl:

Not just because she gave me one of her own original drawings as a gift, and also got it framed. But that was really nice of her! I am so amazed at how talented my little sis is. And crazy generous.

I originally thought my little girl would join Kirsten Stewart and the gang on the portrait gallery wall, but she was just too amazing to not have a wall all to herself, so she's hanging out in the kitchen. She really makes the room!

I think my sis should open an Etsy shop or something. Or Society6? How does that all work? Anyway, I think she's great.


  1. Whoa! I'm so envious of anyone who can draw that well. My brother hogged all of the artistic talent in our family. Jerk. :)

    1. Same here. I wish I were an artist, but I have to settle for collecting it. :)


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