Anniversary Ikea Road Trip

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary.

Before I talk about how this relates to decorating, let me just mention to everyone on the internet that I feel so fortunate to get to spend my life with this guy:

He is as close to perfect as I can imagine.

And seriously, he knows me so well.

It was during lunch on a Friday that he called me and asked me if I wanted to make the seven-hour drive to Dallas to shop at Ikea. That's the closest Ikea to where we live, and while this may sound dumb to anyone who lives close to an Ikea, for Missouri people like me, the drive was worth it. It's like going to Six Flags. One hour of driving for every year we've been married. How romantic!

After school I rushed home to pack (although we didn't manage to get packed and out the door until the next morning). Rand drove the whole way there and back, and he wandered through Ikea with me without complaining or telling me I was spending too much money. It was an awesome anniversary gift for a wife obsessed with home decorating.

After seven hours of driving, it was so exciting to see the Frisco, TX Ikea over the horizon! Rand was fascinated by these electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot. We're such tourists.

We searched around for sofas, since we've agreed that we'll be ready to buy a new sofa next summer. We both loved the leather Karlstad sofa with the chaise lounge...

 ...but I'm voting for white leather.

I was in wicker chair heaven, by the way. You just can't get this stuff back home.

Side note: It was a little comforting to see that maybe my old sofa isn't completely out of style, according to Ikea. I guess someone out there still wants that puffy, off white look in their living room.  I still want to replace mine, though.

After hours and hours of shopping, we walked away with two rugs, a bedding set, a shower curtain, three light fixtures, and a few little things. I'll share more about those items when they are all settled into their new places in my house.

It was an exhausting trip to make in between two full work weeks, but it was a blast.  Nothing beats an adventure with Rand.

Are you lucky enough to live close to an Ikea? Do you take it for granted? Am I a crazy Missouri tourist for driving that far?

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