Thrifty Finds // 1

It's been quiet around here, no? That's because I've been devoting all my energy lately to that other room in my life, my classroom. The first day of school is Tuesday, and I have been working to get everything ready. I love it, but it hasn't left me much time in the last two weeks to obsess over home decor the usual amount. Bummer!

But don't worry! There has been some room-related action over here. I was driving home yesterday and I happened to glance over at a house a few blocks away from mine. I live in the "hood-storic" district, meaning the up-and-coming part of what used to be the scary side of town. So sometimes people leave lots of junk on their porches...that's what I'm getting at. And sitting with some random junk, there was a chair I recognized...the Wassily chair! Yep, a reproduction Wassily actually (originals were fully welded with no visible end caps or bolts), and it was beautiful. 

Looking back, it was kind of stupid to ask if it was for sale. I keep stuff on my porch to sit on that's not for sale. But it didn't look like it was part of the decor...not sure why I thought that. Anyway, I managed to get Rand to walk the few blocks from our house, knock on their door, and ask. At first, the guy at the door said it wasn't for sale, but he joked that it was a strange looking chair, and I blurted out "It's the coolest thing I've ever seen!" And suddenly, the guy says "Take it." 

Yeah, seriously. He said it wasn't that important to him, and if we cared enough to knock on his door and ask about it, we could just have it. His words. So we picked it up and carried it home!!

I'm so excited about this chair! Some of the straps are in rough shape, but I remembered reading over at Our Mid Century about how they took the chair apart and rearranged the straps to hide the rough spots. I think I'll be able to hide most of the wear that way. 

Sitting time! What do you think?


  1. YAY for free chairs!

    Hope you had a great first day back! Our's is tomorrow.

    Love the term "hood-storic". HA! Hadn't heard that one.

    1. I know! Free always works for me!

      My first day was great. I LOVE fourth grade! I hope yours was great too!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! What a find! This probably means I won't find anything good for a long time now. :)


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