Thrifty Finds // 2

Another thrifty post already?!

Recently I've picked up these four vintage paint-by-numbers at some vintage stores. The dogs were $2.00 each and the windmills and Venice were $7.50 each. I especially love the the information on the back:

They're in great shape except that they're very dirty. I tried the bread cleaning technique from the Brick House, but I they still have a layer of grime that I need to find another way to remove. You can really tell how gunky they are on the sky in the first two paintings. Ew, sick!!

So I'm working on that. Also, I'm kicking myself for passing up on a pair of other paint-by-numbers a couple months ago, because I've had a paint by numbers collection wall on my mind for a while. You just never know when you're going to find one for cheap, but they're out there. So far with only four paintings, I don't have much of a collection going yet, but here are some inspiration photos of what I'm going for:

That's a lot of paint-by-numbers!

Even with only four, I'm ready to hang them in my bedroom, but I'm wondering this-mine come in pairs, so how do you hang a gallery wall with things that come in pairs? Should I hang the partners together, or split them up to make the whole thing the right shape?

These are the big life questions, here. Any thoughts?


  1. I LOVE vintage paint-by-numbers. I've been looking around for some for awhile, but I've only seen a couple, and they were outrageously priced for the condition they were in. Not to mention, I only really liked one of them, and they were sold as a set. Someday. Maybe I'll have a whole wall of them like those photos up there. :)

    1. I've seen a few that were way too spendy for me, too. Some people think since they're "mid-century" that they are worth a lot, but I refuse to pay that much for them. Hopefully there are still some reasonably priced ones out there for us! Thanks for reading!

  2. I have a few in my booth!!! A geisha, a desert scene and a mountain cabin scene.............Oh, and two florals. I love them too. But. I. Can't. Keep. Everything.

    1. I got the desert scene! Thanks for the heads up!


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