The MoMA Store

The Museum of Modern Art has a store. Seriously. The museum that curates and displays "good design" also offers a store full of products that meet the museum's standard of good design. Now, I like to think I don't just buy things because someone tells me what is good design and what isn't. The more I see, the more I'm able to decide for myself what I like and what I don't. But it also happens to be that a lot of the things I already like and would want to purchase are available in the MoMA Store. Lucky!

Not so lucky: I am definitely not to a place in life where I could pay these prices. But that's not what it's all about. Here are my favorites:

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
It's a classic. Designed in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames, and not in my budget at $4999.00.

Cherner Armchair
So cool. $1199.00. And I would want several. Doh!

Eames LCW Chair
I actually came across one of these at a vintage shop in Springfield once. They wanted $300 for it, which was still more than I can currently pay for one chair, but now I see what a deal that was. MoMA has it priced at $979.00.

George Nelson Bubble Lamp
I'm really drawn to the classics. This lamp is probably considered "over done" by people who have more classic pieces at their disposal, but I will never get tired of this lamp. $329.00.

Componibili Storage Module
That's really attractive storage. This is the item that could actually make my bathroom look modern and stylish. And kind of reasonably priced at $169.00.

Well, shoot.

But here's the thing I've found about thrifting-just know what you like. Look in the higher end stores and know exactly what you like, what it's called, who designed it, and what it costs elsewhere. Because one day, in a hot, ugly flea market, you may come across a dusty, dirty, classic item you've been searching for. I know I'll probably never buy new from the MoMA store, because I'm a teacher, but also because it takes part of the fun out of it to just "order up" an instant room. I've stumbled upon an Eames LCW and a Franco Albini ottoman and a set of Eames shell chairs and a Nelson Bubble Lamp in flea markets before. And someday, if I save my pennies, I'll be able to buy these pieces for the right price, because I know exactly what I like.

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