Instant Record Cart

Back when I wrote this post, I had in mind the pair of bar carts I had seen at a flea market some time back, so that was what I was envisioning as I wrote that post. But then I started thinking about my little microwave cart I've used in my bathroom for the last couple of years. I got this little guy at a garage sale, and I immediately stuck him in the bathroom because I wanted more counter space. But after writing my post about bar carts used for other things, and then stumbling upon Elsie's cute little record cart, I began itching for a cart for my record player and modest record collection.

So I yanked that cart out of the bathroom and put it in my living room!

Much better, corner!

Now I have plenty of room for my records and some space for my DIY books. And I FINALLY got my own copy of the Young House Love book. It's wonderful, by the way.

While I was rearranging my stuff I was listening to records, and I remembered my 101 in 1001 list item,  #25-Find five new (to me) bands/musicians I really like. Borrowing records from my mom's collection has helped me find a lot of musicians I had heard of but hadn't really listened to, and I'm really loving her Linda Ronstadt albums. Her voice is amazing. Here's one of my favorite songs:

+ How often do you rearrange furniture in your house?

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