High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  Here are five little things for you as we get this weekend started!

1. Maybe you've noticed...I made a few little improvements here and there on my blog. Now I have SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS (see #5). Also, I created a blog button! I think it would be fun to "button swap" with other blogs that would like to find new readers. Let me know if you would like to arrange a button swap!

2. So far I've gotten in 9 miles this week, and I have an 8 mile run on the schedule for tomorrow, so that will be a 17 mile week!

3. I downloaded Camera+ and VSCO Cam on my iPhone, and I've been playing around with both to see which one I like better. So I took this moody picture of my computer.

4. I went thrifting this week and I found a few little things-a retro-looking serving tray, two records, four new books and these little ottomans for my classroom. Not bad!

5. Oh yes, and now I'm on Twitter. It's kind of a joke right now because I've only posted two Instagram pictures, and I'm being followed by two strangers who are following thousands of other nobodies like me. So, now that I've gotten you all excited about it....follow me on Twitter!

Have a wonderful weekend!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


  1. I'm new to Twitter too! I'll head your way!

  2. Your running shoes are SUPER cute :)
    I can't imagine running 8 miles in one run...YOU GO GIRL!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I love my Brooks Pureflows! :) Enjoy your weekend!


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