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Hello again!

Today I've got another Etsy discovery for you! My sister-in-law once had a party for a wall decal company years ago, kind of like a Mary Kay party but for these products that have inspirational sayings or designs. They stick on your walls, but come down easily if you ever need them to. There are several different places to get these, but when I came across Urban Walls on Etsy, I loved how they had decals that looked like great wallpaper!

Here are some of my favorites:

Pretty amazing, huh? I don't see too many nurseries I like, but I love this one. Those stars are adorable! I'm personally drawn to the wallpaper look, but Urban Walls also has quotes and sayings and single images that both playful and stylish. Visit Urban Walls' Etsy store to see more. Danielle of Urban Walls also keeps a beautiful blog, full of gorgeous photography and decor ideas, so be sure to take a look there, too for some inspiration.

Happy Wednesday!

+ Do you have any experience with wall decals in your home?

+ Have you ever hosted one of those parties (Mary Kay, Thirty-One, etc.)? Did you get lots of free stuff?

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