Cowhide Rugs

Happy Friday to you!

Let's talk about cowhide rugs. When I first imagined a cowhide rug on the floor, I wasn't a fan. The hide of a cow? On your floor? My mind went straight to something country-western, and it just wasn't clicking for me.

But then around that time I discovered The Brick House, where Morgan isn't afraid to throw down cowhides all around her house, and it looks amazing.

I think it's just all in the furnishings around it. The room has to feel modern for it to work just right. Some great vintage pieces + a really clean, uncluttered room makes the cowhide the perfect touch. Hardwood floors and white walls are also nice touches, but not always necessary. Feast your eyes on these beautiful rooms where cowhide rugs look right at home:

Oooh, white floors! Fancy!

And good news!  Cowhides are within easy reach...for people who live close to Ikea. The Koldby Cowhide Rug comes in both black/white and brown/white and is reasonably priced at $199. For those of us unlucky enough to live too far away from Ikea (unless you're willing to carpool with me 7 hours to Dallas) there's Craigslist. Craigslist is always just hit or miss, depending on the day, but I've seen some pop up here and there for around $150-$400. I've noticed a lot of sellers offer "hair-on" cowhides, which means the rug will still have that long, coarse hair all over it, which I don't prefer. I searched Craigslist again today, and I found several great looking cowhide rugs without the hair for around $160. You just have to be patient and determined with Craigslist.

+ So what do you think? Would you put a cowhide rug on your floor?

+ Do you shop at Ikea? How do you like their stuff?

+ Do you read The Brick House? If not, I highly recommend checking it out!


  1. These cowhide rugs are adorable! I especially love the brown and white one placed by the fireplace under the wooden furniture. It looks so cozy and perfect for fall! I have been searching for Modern Rugs for fall and I think some cowhides might be the perfect thing!

    1. Thanks for reading! I agree-cowhide rugs are so cozy!


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