Bar Carts for Non-Drinkers

Sometimes, when I'm out thrifting and having no luck, my mind wanders back to the thrifty finds that got away. There was a day a few months back, when I was wandering through Urban Market (formerly Charlie's) and I spotted two swanky brass bar carts. They were each priced just right at around $35, and they didn't even look too bad as is. I had seen so many inspiring images with bar carts, but I remember foolishly thinking, "But I'm not a drinker. What would I put on it?"

Yes, it's true: I don't enjoy drinking. I don't have a problem with anyone who does-responsibly, of course-but I just don't enjoy it. For me, even one drink means a headache the next day. It's just not a good time:

So, in my case, stocking up a Mad Men-style bar cart in my living room would be pretentious and just silly expensive.

But, I have good news! Fortunately for people like me, there are some geniuses out there on the internet who have been looking into this problem for themselves. Take a look at all these amazing ways bar carts can be used to hold items other than liquor. If you find yourself in a flea market and you come across an amazing bar cart at a great price, buy it! You can always:

+ Load it up with books. You know how I love decorating with books. {Image Source}

+ Use it as a plant stand. Wouldn't it look great packed full of greenery and parked in front of a bright window? {Image Source}

+ Put your record player on top, and fill the bottom with your record collection. Uh-oh. I like books, plants, and records. Conundrum! {Image Source}

+ Store bathroom necessities. I don't yet have a real bar cart, but I do have an old microwave cart that is currently serving this very purpose in our bathroom. It adds some extra counter space to our bathroom, since we have a pedestal sink, and it's a great way to store the items that should be in plain sight to guests (extra toilet paper, guest towels, etc.). {Image Source}

+ Create a coffee station. Do you have "stations" in your home? I like the idea of a coffee station, where all the supplies are kept in a convenient place. This is really just the same line of thinking as a bar cart, just for coffee drinkers, and near an electrical outlet. {Image Source}

+ Or, you know, just use it like a shelf. The bar cart thing makes me want to designate it as a special place for only a certain category of my things, but a great looking bar cart would look just fine parked somewhere in your home and covered in all your well-curated stuff. Eddie Ross has a great step-by-step tutorial on arranging your belongings in an artful way, so check it out and don't be afraid to use that cart for whatever your heart desires!

So tell me...
+ Do you have a bar cart in your home? What do you keep on it?

+ Do you watch Mad Men?
-I'm a little obsessed, although more with the furnishings than the storyline.

Have a great day!


  1. Great post! I've seen so many bar cart posts, but I haven't seen one yet showing a series of photos with bar carts used in an alternative way. I do have a small bar area that I would love to move to a bar cart, which I don't own yet. But I do own a really great, slightly large, wood tea cart that was my grandmother's. I was going to use that as my bar area, but now you have me thinking of using it for extra book storage, like the bar cart in the first photo!

    1. Thank you! I love that first photo, too, and the way they arranged their books. I think I remember reading on your blog about you having a lot of books. It would look great with books underneath like in the photo and a small bar area on top!


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