Sofa Search 2013(/2014)

Nine years ago, Rand and I picked out our first sofa together. It wasn't special or stylish, but it was leather (ooh la la!), inexpensive, and it came with a matching loveseat. Well, fast forward to today, when I have no more money than I did back then, but at least now I have some opinions about furniture. I know I like sofas with a clean, modern, sort of mid-century look. I like sofas with legs and since I have two cats, I still like leather. 

I've gathered up five of my favorite sofas to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

The Petrie Sofa is definitely the sofa of my dreams.  The shape, the leather, the legs, the tufting, and the color are absolutely perfect, but $3999 price tag will not work for me. 

The Karlstad is a top contender here.  Only $899, and it comes in white leather!! The legs can be switched out, and it's tufted. Maybe this is my dream sofa. However, this sofa has one big obstacle-it's from Ikea.  I live in Missouri, where the closest Ikea is seven hours away in Dallas (and their shipping fees are outrageous). This sofa, even though it is perfect in every other way, will probably not be happening for me.

Wow.  This looks just like the Petrie Sofa.  $2700 is definitely better than $4000, but not good enough for this poor girl. Also, I wonder if those little round pillows come off.

These two sofas probably shouldn't be on the list, since they are not available in leather and would be covered in cat hair in my home.  But aren't they nice?  They're both convertible into beds and kind of small, which I like, and the prices are awesome, but no can do.  Bummer.

So I guess my conclusion is that I can't afford a sofa. What?! Rumor has it that Ikea is adding a location in Kansas City next summer, so I could wait until then. But where do people around here (poor people with cats in Missouri, like me) buy modern, inexpensive home furnishings?!  

Other than Target, of course.


  1. I like the last one! I'm in desperate need of a new sofa. I've got 2 used loveseats in my living room that have been here since I moved into my current Brooklyn apartment over 5 years ago. One was already used and my previous roommate had bought it off the street (pre-bedbug worry days) and the other was also a very-used one I bought from a coworker. These babies have seen their share of couch covers, quilts, sheets, and blankets. But they add so much character to my apartment, despite my boyfriend's protests, I just can't bring myself to buy a new couch!

    1. Oh, I would love to find an old retro looking sofa in good shape! They are so hard to find, though, and new ones are so expensive. If it weren't for the cat hair issue, the Urban Outfitter sofas would be perfect. They are the perfect size for an apartment!

  2. IKEA in KC? I would die!

    SOMETIMES Pier 1 has a cute sofa here and there.

    1. Yes! Ikea in KC...I heard it on the news, so I'm hopeful. And I do love Pier 1!

    2. I even commented on this post! HA! Just so you know, we did NOT pay that much for it! It's being discontinued, so we got the DEAL OF THE CENTURY for the chair and sofa.

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