June Recap

Friends. How can we possibly be wrapping up June already? My summer's just getting started! And so far it's just been a bunch of naps. Mostly naps, with a few other activities thrown in between naps. My first week of summer vacation is now over, so I'm ready to look back at June and see how it went:

Books Read

This is Where I Leave You was really sad, but the disfunctional family thing was still kind of funny. The Night Circus started out magical and beautiful, but it ended up being a disappointment. Still, finishing a book is often like finishing a run-even if it wasn't ideal, I still end up with a fresh, new perspective. 

Miles Ran
With the end up the school year and the start of this crazy heat, my mileage dropped a little this month. I ran a total of 29 miles in June, so I'm hoping to bump that up a bit in July.

Rooms Admired
I loved how this home was light and bright, but full of greenery and life. This NYC industrial loft was amazing with so much good stuff you just can't DIY: incredibly high ceilings with skylights, concrete walls, and the perfect open floor plan. I die!

Projects Completed

After a DIY fail, I bounced back with this questionable take on the wire pendant light. The macraméd cord is definitely staying, but the wire pendant may get another try someday. I did find a little time in this busy month to liquid leaf some thrift store needlepoint, which found a home in the dining room.

Internet Goodies Found
+ Can you tell I like plus signs? Cotton and Flax features FREE patterned wallpaper for iPhones, and this months' pattern is the white plus sign on linen!
+ Maybe I get a little too excited about blogs, because I'm weirdly excited about the purchase of this house.
+ Janae shared some great racing tips (because this is obviously a running blog!).

I'm sad to see June go, but I'm going to enjoy July to pieces. I plan to do a lot of running, reading, relaxing, and I've got some DIY projects up my sleeve.  Stay tuned!

So tell me...

Have you read any good books lately?  I'm ready for some more suggestions!
-I've started Gone Girl and I'm loving it, and next I'm thinking about starting A Prayer for Owen Meany.

What happens to your workout schedule when it gets this hot? Or are you lucky enough to live somewhere with milder summers?
-Even when I get up at 4:30 a.m. it's still already 75 degrees and humid, so I just have to be miserable for a while. :(  Still better than running on a treadmill, though.

Have you had any project fails lately?
-Did you see my first wire pendant light?


  1. Gone Girl..........SO GOOD! LOVED IT! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    I still love your pendant.

    1. Oh. My. I just finished Gone Girl last night. It was unreal. I could not put it down for anything!

      And thanks for the reassurance on the pendant! I do like the way it looks, I just wish it were bigger. I think maybe it's the thick macrame cord that's making it look not quite right. Maybe the little wire pendant would look better on a thinner cord, and the thicker cord needs a bigger pendant. Can't decide!


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