Go Girl Half Marathon Race Report


Um. Race photos can be pretty humbling. It turns out when I'm running, I don't look nearly as awesome as I feel.

It was only after the race that I remembered I wanted to smile and wave at the cameras. Shoot!

This was my first half marathon, and it was great!  I had a great time, I had a great time (2:17), and I definitely want to do another as soon as I can.

Some observations:
  1. I think this is the perfect distance for me.
  2. Running in the rain is really fun as long as it's warm. After a while, however, your shoes begin to get heavy.
  3. GU gels are actually delicious, and I think they really worked.
  4. Packet pick up stresses me out.
  5. Chafing is real.  It's a real thing.  Now I know.
I ran the Go Girl half marathon in Columbia, MO on May 25, and it was awesome.  I felt great throughout the entire race, and miles seemed to fly by so fast. I always get pretty hyped up about races (I've raced 5K and 10K before) so I'm always faster and happier in a race than I usually am when I run. But I wasn't expecting that hype to last for 13.1 miles.  And it was raining. Not just raining, but pouring, with thunder crashing several times. Which I loved. I love storms anyway, and I loved not being too hot for even one second of this race. The only problem was that puddles began to form and I either had to dance around them and waste time and energy, or run through them and have wet, heavy shoes. 

Haribo gummy bears are usually my snack choice for long runs, so I had some with me. But, to my surprise (they probably told us somewhere in the packet) they were giving out GU gel packets at the drink stations! Now, I know you're not supposed to try something for the first time during a race.  I've read this a million times-try it out before your race, because you never know how your stomach will react. But I tend to have a "Whatever, let's try it" attitude about most things, so I held onto my packet until mile 9 when I was really feeling tired and I sipped it down with some water.  The Strawberry Banana flavor was yummy, and I felt incredible for the rest of the race!

Of course, I'm crazy and I thought, "If one gel makes me feel this great, what would TWO do for me?" and I sipped one more. I don't know really what it did, but it didn't bother my stomach and I finished really strong in 2:17:18. I will be investing in GU for all my long runs and races from now on, until further notice.  


Ugh, packet pickup. I hate it.You may remember here when I said I planned to run the Joplin Memorial half, which was last weekend. It was a packet fiasco that resulted in me not getting to run that race. So for this race, I was a basket case trying to find the place and get to the packet desk. Either I need to leave earlier for out-of-town races (I drove to my sister-in-laws, then left her house at 4:00 am) or spend the night in a hotel (too expensive). It's a mess. 

And...guess what guys? Chafing really happens.  It had never happened to me before this race, but this time it did. Bad. Ouch. My own clothes actually rubbed my skin raw.  

The course started out with some big hills, which was fine because that's when I have the most energy.  We went through a beautiful little trail surrounded by trees and huge bluffs, then through some neighborhoods.  With this being my first half marathon, I didn't have a PR to beat, so I just wanted to finish of course, but I really wanted to try and see what I can do right now, so that I know what I need to do to improve. I estimated myself taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes, so I was thrilled with 2:17:18 as a time.

After the race, I got my medal and my etched Go Girl champagne glass, and I loved just being there and watching everyone finish. Now I'm ready to work hard to get faster!

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