{Etsy Love} Emily's House London

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but I think they look even better (and feel warmer on bare feet) with a few vintage rugs thrown around. While digging around Etsy recently, I stumbled upon Emily's House London, a shop with a great selection of handmade Turkish kilims and rugs. Here's the info from the shop:
My carpets are my passion! Inspiring kilims, pile rugs and vintage carpets, all handmade, unique and timeless. Most rugs are made by Berber woman or Turkish nomads, who have been weaving these carpets initially for their own domestic use. Life is spend on the floor upon which various coverings are always being laid to serve as bedding, blankets, decoration for their homes and tents or as protection against the stony floor. The skills of weaving are obtained by observation and practice and are passed on from mother to daughter. The general look and feel of rug will always be in line with the tradition of the weaver's tribe, but as there is no drawing or cartoon to follow, there is much room for the maker's own imagination, feelings and fantasy. This makes every weaver the artist of her own rug and every piece unique.
Beautiful, unique pieces with a story behind them?  Always welcome in my house. Here are a few of my favorites from Emily's House London:

Aren't they beautiful? As you can tell, I may like my walls and furniture to be calm and peaceful, but when it comes to accessories, I'm needing some color. So what do you think? Any favorites? Do tell!


  1. Moving kilims, heap carpets and vintage rugs, all carefully assembled, special and timeless. Those are rugs specially antique decorative rugs london are so beautiful rugs infect Your Persians carpets are one the most famous carpet. I love it. Thanks

  2. I visited the Emily's House in London. Really, awesome to look at. The Emily's House has been nicely decorated with various kinds of valuable things which has been collected from different area. The Kilim Rugs has attracted me very much among all of the items.


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