Decorating With Books

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I've had a Pinterest board going for a while now with images of beautiful decorating with books. I love to read, so I always have plenty of books around, and books are a great way to add color and interest to a room. Especially for me. I tend to keep wall colors and furnishings pretty neutral, so books and accessories are where I'm comfortable adding color, so I can change it at any time.

Besides, I want every visitor to my home to know that I'm a reader and what I like to read. In my home, you'll find vintage crafting books, books about photography, politics, and comedy. I have a few books I ordered from Scholastic when I was in elementary school and I loved them so much I've kept them. I have some 100+ year old elementary spelling and reading books I found at a flea market, some biographies, Dave Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, and Steve Martin all represented, and some cookbooks other people have bought for me (ha!). Don't you love how much you can learn about a person from examining their bookshelves?

Here are some of my favorite rooms where books aren't just for reading:

Shortly after I first came across this image with all the National Geographics, I actually found piles upon piles of Nat Geo's at a garage sale for really cheap. But for some reason, maybe it was just a really hot day and I was tired, the thought of buying and picking up all those magazines just didn't sound appealing. I've been kicking myself ever since.

All of these images plus many more with great ideas for decorating with books can be found on my Pinterest page.

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