Products for Crazy Cat Ladies

I love cats!  In fact, I fall into that "crazy cat lady" category.  My cats, stray cats, other people's cats...I will obsess over them, pet them, and talk to them until they get sick of me and leave.  Fortunately, I'm a teacher, so I spend my days with 23 first graders who totally get it and would never make fun of me for this.

Today I have a little round up of products every cat lover needs. Take a look:

I'm getting the oxfords and the Because Cats phone case.  What do you think?  Any favorites?  Or are you not quite as into cats as I am?  It's okay, we can still be friends. :)


  1. That "Because Cats" case is cracking me up! My best friend would love that.

    1. That's the one I want! It's a great answer to everything...because cats!

  2. I have a cute shopping bag that someone made me with cat stamps on it. I love it!


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