Let's try this again.

I'm back.  I was gone for a while because my internet has been gone, but now it's back and so am I.  As an apology for my absence, here's a collage of a startled squirrel on my back porch:

Without internet, all I had was books and running and stuff.  I was really excited to get back to this blog and fix it up, but every blog name I came up with sounded silly and pretentious to me, so I just decided to go with my name.  Straight forward, serious, not silly at all.  Just like me.  

So I'm still alive.  I think I want to get serious about this blogging thing.  I'm so obsessed with home decor, and I really want to write about it.  My other interests are a little random, but maybe decor-photography-running blogs are a needed niche right now. I just need to get over my fear of sharing pictures of my home, and having both my home and my photography viewed and critiqued by others.  Get over it, Layne.  Be a blogger.  Be brave!

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