High Five for Friday

Teaching keeps me very busy, so this little blog has been abandoned for few Fridays.  So here's several week's worth of highs combined into one Friday's Five post.

1. Two weeks ago was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I came into the school to find my classroom door decorated!  TAW is pretty much the most amazing week of the year.  I love my job!

2.  This past week my finger swelled up for no apparent reason.  That is my spray painting finger, but it's never happened before.

3.  I finally broke down and went shopping for new shirts.  Shirts are usually the last things I buy, since it's easy to keep wearing old ones for forever, without noticing how ragged they have begun to look.  The Loft was having a sale, so I went for it.

4.  My sister's college graduation was this Thursday. I'm so proud of her! Immediately after this picture, our whole family went out for all-you-can-eat ribs.  It was a great night.

5.  Remember the Joplin Memorial Half I had planned to run?  That didn't end up happening (don't ask...) but I'm hoping to run the Go Girl Half in Columbia this weekend, instead.  One of my first graders made me this 13.1 sign for my car.  Way better than a store bought one, I think!

Well, this was my week off, so I'm hesitant to say "Cheers to the weekend!"  I am getting closer to summer vacation, though...so cheers to the weekend!!  Let's go to Silver Dollar City!

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  1. Looks like a GREAT week (minus the finger swelling!) All you can eat ribs sound like a finger licking good way to celebrate! Congrats to your sister on her college graduation! :) I have a friend that lives in Joplin ... small world:) Thanks for stopping by Chatting Over Chocolate today! It was great to hear from you! Hope you enjoy a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!! :*)

  2. Teacher Appreciation Week IS pretty darn great!!!


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