These were taken only a couple weeks ago with my dad's Minolta, but they look so strange. Everything is brown in these pictures, but since these were taken, everything is now turned lush and green. My parent's place back home extends down to the creek, so we spend the afternoon fishing. Rand, my sister, and her boyfriend fished, while I photographed. 

I was really determined to get some close detail shots, and some photos with a clear subject. I'm talking about something here I really know very little about, but I'm trying to get better, and I'm kind of happy with some of these. I took it for granted while I was growing up here, but this place is really beautiful.

That fish got thrown back, don't worry. To get out to the middle where the others wanted to fish, I had to wade out in the water wearing my mother's rain boots. They sprung a leak at some point, and I had wet feet all day. And look at my sister, working that fishing line with her nails did! She's twice the woman I'll ever be. 

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