Five Things Friday

Oh, wow, it's Friday.

And I have the day off.  This week was parent/teacher conferences in the evening, so for working those long days we get today off to ourselves. 

My goal is to paint my dressing room this weekend, but we'll see.  That's been a goal for a lot of weekends so far.

Here are five things that actually have happened:

1. We were going to DIY a cat tree, then we just decided to gather a bunch of boxes instead.  Max and Mitzi are very pleased.

2. Yes, Rand and I went running in the snow, and I wanted him to take a picture of me so I could show everyone what a hardcore runner I am...Rand thought that was hilarious.

3. I used to be so against all this social media.  It seems exhaustive just to check everything on a regular basis, besides actually posting stuff.  But I'm crazy, because I created a Vine account...and I actually really like it.  I haven't posted anything yet, and I'm not yet completely sure how to. But I am LOVING following all my favorite people/bloggers and seeing their pets move around.

4. I'm a lucky lady to have this wonderful man as my husband.  In fact, he is so wonderful that he put that back and did not buy it for me (it was $40, and also ridiculous, just so we're clear).

Fun fact: He designed that shirt and you can get one from his company, Everything Aquatics

5. I came across our old driver's permits recently.  That was how Rand looked when I first met him. He was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  And still is. :) This was also how I looked when I first discovered tweezers, apparently.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. This is too cute. :) Found you from the High 5 link up! I love your cats chillin' in the boxes haha!



  2. That rose is ridiculous! I don't know what I would do with that if my husband did buy it. I am stopping by from the link-up. That cat picture is adorable =)


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