A Visit Home

These were taken the last time we went to visit my family.  I grew up out in the woods, and I don't ever plan to move back, but it's a great place to visit.  My sisters make great models, and I almost got my mom, but she hid behind the cat.

I took my Kodak out into the woods just to play around with the focus, and I love the results, even without much help from me.  I don't really know anything about photography, just that I like it and want to get better.  Since I can't yet afford a nice digital camera, I bought an old camera at a flea market for $70 a couple years ago to see what it would do.  It's a Kodak Retina Reflex IV, late sixties I think, and it takes really great pictures that look much more special than anything I take on my iPhone.

I have this camera to play with, and I recently acquired my dad's old Minolta, but I do hope to someday legitimately learn how to take better photos, and perhaps eventually with a high-quality camera.  There are photography classes available at the University near by.  For now, however, I just like to play photographer with my neat old cameras.

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