Warby Parkers and exciting news!

Ahh!! I love these glasses! I don't have a prescription.  I just really feel like I belong behind glasses. So I'm going to order them.

As soon as I pay off my credit card in a month and a half (!!!).  

I have exciting news!! This post has so many !!!!!

Well, exciting news for me. You may not care. I'm going to teach fourth grade next year! I've taught first grade for four years now, so I'm ready to branch out and see what another grade level is like. Unfortunately this also means I will need to figure out how to buy a nearly new classroom library.

This leads me to my next point...I'm thinking about trying Donors Choose to see if I can gather up a new classroom library.  Books are an incredibly important part of a classroom, and very few of my first grade books will be just right books for fourth graders.  To do this, I need to figure out how much money it will really cost to buy a reasonable classroom library, and figure out the Donors Choose website.  Besides that, garage sales, used bookstores, and Scholastic bonus points are going to be my new best friends.

Are you making any career moves anytime soon?

Any fun style purchases?

Is it silly to wear glasses if you don't have a prescription?

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