Modern Macrame

Just a question, has anyone else come across this image on Pinterest?

And did you fall in love with it and follow the link and find Sally England and more images like this one?

Well, I did.

I discovered that Sally England creates these macrame works of art using skills she picked up reading macrame books from thrift stores and tutorials on the internet.  When I read this I immediately thought, as I always do, "I could do that!"

Then I happened to mention at my parents house, while trying to introduce my mother to Pinterest, that I had found this image and wanted to try macrame.


Turns out, my dad already knows the ropes.

My parents started telling me about all the things my dad used to make, including plant hangers, wall hangings, room dividers and even a hanging table.  He started telling me all about what it would take to create the room divider in the first picture, and, while he assured me that he thinks I could do it (thanks, Dad) he warned me about how difficult it would be and what I would need to do first (thanks, Dad).

He made me examples of all the basic knots that he knows and gave me a bunch of cord to practice with.  I'm practicing my knots, and then we're going to make a small version of the wall hanging first before attempting something so big.

I'm also really wanting to make the hanging terrarium in the second photo.  That one doesn't seem so complicated, since I've made basic macrame-less plant hangers before.

Here are the samples he made for me to practice:

I'm really excited about this project, but I'm even more excited to get to know this artistic side of my dad.  My dad is an incredible guy and I love him, but we've never really had that much in common and don't ever really spend much time together.  I hope we can work on this together.

Family, I hope you don't mind getting macrame for Christmas this year. :)

Read more about Sally England here.  She's good!

Do you like to create anything for fun in your spare time?

Do you share any interests like this with your parents?

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