Dressing Room Decision

Since we purchased our home in 2007, we've painted every square inch of paintable surface inside and out, except for the hallway and dressing room.  The hallway is too high, and I don't care much about it, but the dressing room is ready for its facelift.

I've painted all the trim white and the walls are all white or light gray, so this room just sticks out like a sore thumb.  I know I want white trim (Benjamin Moore's Simply White).  But I've been trying to decide between two of my favorite colors for this room's walls.  I'm pretty consistent as I paint my rooms.  I have two (maybe three) colors I really love and have been successful with, and I don't care to stray away from them.  The choice is between BM Moonlight White and BM Classic Gray. 

Both are perfect, can do no wrong, and will look lovely in this bright, light-filled little room. Both would be beautiful (I think) with the black and gold accents I have to put in there. But what look do I want? Here are some inpiration pictures I've come across to help me decide (or make me more indecisive, maybe).


I have gold frames, and a wood dresser, plus clothing racks and a giant shoe storage thingy.  I'm hoping to get on this project this weekend, since I have three whole days off.  But I have to make a decision!  What are your thoughts?

All source information can be found on my Pinterest here.

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