The show that kills me (haha) and trying new coffee

Oh Dexter-I need more of you!!!

I just finished Season 6 and ohmaword, I NEED more.  Yes, I'm always running a season behind because rather than pay for cable and Showtime I wait for seasons to come out on Netflix.  Major bummer, but better for my budget.  And this season did not disappoint!  It was incredible.  Actually, this show is really bad for me because when it arrives in the mail I can do nothing but watch every episode back to back until it's all done.  I am still in my pajamas. 

It's like Battlestar Galactica.  (Season 2 of Portlandia also just became available on Netflix.  Always. A. Season. Behind.)

So it's 8:00 pm and I have accomplished nothing today.  Did not run.  Or read.  Or make anything. Or do anything.

I went to Starbucks today, as I do every Saturday morning, and instead of ordering a caramel latte, I ordered a white chocolate mocha.

Yeah, pretty much tastes exactly the same to me.  Until you get to the end, then there's some sweet stuff that sort of sits at the bottom of the cup I guess.  So...I'm not the coffee connoisseur I had hoped I was.  Or that one just wasn't that great.   I'm thinking next I'll try the caramel machiatto, but if I still don't taste much of a difference I'm going back to my old stand-by.   Caramel lattes are the cheapest thing on the menu (probably why I started ordering them) and there's no sense in using up my gift cards too fast.

Do you have a favorite drink at Starbucks?  What is it?

What TV show are you currently addicted to?

Did you change into something other than your pajamas today?

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