My Race Schedule (!!!)

Oh, hello blog.  Sorry, I was just so busy with work this past week, I really just forgot you were here.  But I'm back!  And the amazing weather this weekend allowed me to run outside and get super excited to set some running goals.  I have some races for this year that I would like to run, so maybe I can knock out some of these ambitious running goals I have.  Except the marathon.  That is not happening this year.
But here's what I think will be happening (A race schedule!!!):

March 16-NIXPO 5K
I'm going to try to get Rand to run this one with me!

March 23-Pitter Pat 10K
This was my first 5K last year that I finished in less than 30 minutes.  I finished in a little over 28 minutes, actually.  This year I plan to run the 10K.  10K isn't a distance I'm interested in running very often, but I want to try it out.

April 6-The Color Run 5K
This one is just for fun.  I will not get a new 5K PR-it's not even timed, but I thought I would put it on here anyway!

April 27-Frisco Highline Railroad Run Half Marathon
I think I see, it was just a month and a half ago my long runs were around 7 miles.  And then I got sick, and then it got cold, and then it got harder to run again.  Right now, I can run four miles anytime, and I think I could go farther if I pushed hard enough (but I'm afraid of getting hurt) so I'm just going to pick up another half marathon training plan and start at the 5 mile week.  I have plenty of time for this if I can stick to a schedule.
May 18-Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon
May is so perfect for I want to try this one too!  We'll see!
June 9-American Red Cross Run for REDiness 5K
My husband loves the Red Cross.  Have a mentioned he's a professional lifeguard?  If I run this alone I will be trying for a PR in less than 25 minutes.  But maybe I can get Rand to run it with me. :)
So there you go.  There are always 5K's all over the place, so hopefully I can find one to PR in.  But this is the year of longer races for me.  I'm so excited!
Are you planning any races for this year?

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