I have owned two copies of this book for many years and just now decided to read it.  My fabulous life as a teacher means a long, lovely Christmas break, so I was able to read this one straight through in about four days.  It was crazy and a little scary...and I liked it!  

It's all about the things the most annoying people I know are scared of-the government watching you closely, trying to patrol your thoughts, taking away all of your weapons and your ability to fight back, and making you disappear if you don't conform.  Interesting to note Party also stayed in power by constantly keeping their people at war, by promoting their ideas through children, and by altering history to support their claims.   Well, let's stop here.
Next, I considered finishing Jack Kerouac's On The Road because I only read it about halfway through, but I hated it and I may just give it up.  That book has a few good quotable lines, like the title of this blog and that "The ones for me are the mad ones.." but the rest of the book was a mess. 

So what to read next?

What good books have you read lately?

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